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Mobile Marketing South Africa overview – August 2010

Although It feels like I have been working in the mobile marketing space forever it is only four years ago (July 2006, in fact) that I started thinking about the potential for mobile as a medium in my role as the head of a product strategy team at Vodacom; it only took a few months [...]

The Mobile Internet Pinned Down

Below is a unedited copy of a World Wide Worx press release which has already been quite widely covered in the online marketing and digital media press. It provides a useful framework for the definition of “the mobile internet” and will hopefully assist in clarifying the mobile internet as a concept in future as there [...]

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Mobile Web Africa – continued

About two weeks ago I spent a few very enjoyable days in Nairobi Kenya. I was invited to speak at the Mobile Web East Africa conference, another in the series of “Mobile Web Africa” conferences put on by the very impressive All Amber, driven by Matthew Dawes. Here’s my slideshow. Mobile Web East Africav2 Ms07 [...]

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Mobile Web Africa

A few days ago I did a presentation at the Mobile Web Africa conference in Johannesburg. There seemed to be about 150 delegates and certainly a very strong interest in and a lot of excitement at the prospect of the growth of the mobile web in Africa – the delegates seemed to be a mixture of [...]

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Mobile Marketing in South Africa – high level overview

In June 2009 Arthur Goldstuck (World Wide Worx) in an update to an earlier report, noted that there were approximately 37 million human cellphone users in South Africa – representing a population penetration of 77 per cent. South Africa continues to be a mobile marketing pioneer: consistently in the top six markets (by volume of [...]

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Vodacom Mobile Advertising (MAD) challenge wrapped up

Educating and motivating brands and advertising agencies for the adoption of new media and specifically mobile has for the last two years been a particular priority for me. I try to contribute to industry education both via my involvement with the MMA as well as in my capacity as head of Vodacom’s mobile media unit [...]

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The impact of smartphones on the development of mobile media

The smartphone is rapidly accelerating the convergence of computing and telephony and taking the phone as a converged music player, gaming device, camera, GPS navigator, web browser and wallet to another level. It is also beginning to disrupt some cosy legacy marketing value chains, for example, in the traditional retail space savvy smartphone owners are [...]

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MoMo comes to South Africa

It was my pleasure this past Monday evening (25 April) to attend the first “Mobile Monday” get-together to be held in South Africa and judging by the turnout (est. 80 pax) at the Primi Forum at Melrose Arch Johannesburg, this was the first of many to come (access the global site here – RSA presence [...]

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The RSA mobile media landscape in 2009 – a forecast

{This post was also published at on 15 January 2009} With the large developed economies likely to remain in deep recession during 2009 and with a significant slow down in South African economic growth it seems likely that overall ad spend growth in South Africa will be nowhere near the usual double digit media [...]

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